Adidas launches “most digital store ever” on Oxford Street

Date of publication: 13.11.2019

Adidas has launched a new hi-tech flagship store in the heart of London set to be its “most digital store ever”.

Adidas LDN, situated on Oxford Street, is powered by 100 per cent green energy and will feature over 100 digital touch points throughout the store.

A myriad of hi-tech features will also be included across the store’s four floors, like interactive changing rooms which use RFID technology to automatically detect items when they enter the room, enabling customers to request different sizes and colours without leaving the room.

Bespoke services like an on-site seamstress, bra fitting services, instore shoe cleaning services from Crep Protect and product testing appointments with its Running Lab will also be available to all shoppers.

Those using the Adidas app can utilise the “Bring It To Me” feature, using geolocation to track you instore so staff can bring requested items to you anywhere, check items’ stock levels, and even purchase items on the spot.

“We’re confident with the new adidas LDN store we have created an unrivalled experience for shoppers, our most digital store ever, a hub of creativity and innovation for the city and the very best expression of our brand all in one amazing blockbuster destination,” Adidas executive board member Roland Auschel said.

Bespoke “LDN” product ranges will also be sold in the store, product experiences, activations and interactives challenges will also take place throughout the year.