Shopping to become ‘seamless and omnipresent’ in 2019, IGD

Physical stores will offer a much more digital experience in 2019, by using technology to make it easier for customers to find items and gain more product information, according to IGD.

The past 12 months have seen new, faster payment systems. And IGD’s research shows that 85% of UK shoppers would like to see the roll-out of more in-store technologies.

“Physical stores offer customers a more tangible shopping experience, where they can see products before they commit to purchase. This gives these spaces an advantage over online providers, and we are seeing stores begin to capitalise on that and add in extras to incorporate more of the benefits of online,” says Toby Pickard, Head of Insight, Innovation and Futures at IGD.

In 2019 we’ll see retailers think increasingly about making every moment shoppable, he adds. “Whether through targeted marketing or simple ways to make purchasing more seamless, shopping is becoming not just more convenient but more instant as well.”

“Shopping will become seamless and omnipresent. People will no longer need to visit a retailer’s online store. As they look at pictures, watch videos or TV they’ll be able to just add products to a shopping cart. This has the potential to change the way that retailers think about selling in the future.”

Source: Retail Tech Innovation Hub